Let the countdown begin!

Welcome to Mutantopia, a project dedicated to bringing high quality art. Mutantopia is a unique collection of 3333 pieces, including 10 legendary artifacts, with more than 200 features, all created with first-class quality.

These legendary pieces that will enter your wallets will be waiting for you impatiently.




39 ADA


What does it mean to be a Mutantopian?

Containing more than 300 items, this collection is a true work of art!

Yes man, it will be profitable!

You will earn rewards with the legendary pieces you find during the minting process, and minting will become even more fun.

Boundaries are only in your head.

People with a utopian identity will have unlimited access to all the possibilities in this universe.

This is a recommendation! HOLD THEM!

Show your middle finger to those who want to buy it. And tell them "sorry buddy, I'll stake"!


Work in progress : we're adding more to this soon.

Each artwork is original, with its own color palette and creation. The objective was to make each Mutantopia unique in order to prioritize quality above quantity.

Stage 1

Mutantopia's promotions and community strengthening activities on Twitter and Discord.
Website edits
Preparation of the collection.

Stage 2

Collection of whitelists.
Starting the Mint process.
Immediately after the minting process begins, $ADA and NFT prize giveaways will be held every week until the minting ends.

Stage 3

"Utopian" rewards for those who find legendary pieces.

Stage 4

Mutantopia will share 100% of secondary market revenues with the community. Policies to protect FP will be implemented.
(A surprise event)

Stage 5

After the exhaustion phase, community activities will be strengthened.
An art gallery will be created, Mutantopias will be exhibited in the virtual universe, voice chats and various events will be held.